Rulloff’s is for sale

Washington, D.C.

Back in college, whenever it came time to hit the bars in Collegetown, there never really was much of a question about where to go. Forget about Dino’s, Stella’s, The Palm or The Nines. It was all about Rulloff’s — and not just because it was the first place to accept Citybucks as payment.

You see, for as long as there’s been a spot at the end of its long first floor bar, Alpha Delts have called the place home. It’s where we went to celebrate, commiserate and hang out with the bar’s manager, Rene. And, it’s the reason why it was my selection as Playboy’s College Bar of the Month.

Now, a buddy of mine has sent me the big news: it’s for sale. According to the listing: “Rulloff’s is a successful and established restaurant/bar located in the busy Collegetown area of Ithaca, NY. Rulloff’s old world charm and collegial atmosphere has made it a destination spot for the extended Cornell community and Ithaca’s residents and visitors for 30 years.”

The bar generates around $1.2 million in annual sales (split 55%/45% between drinks/food) and its owner is asking for $350k.

Who’s with me?


  1. I’m happy for Leigh…That woman worked so hard to keep that place filled with great people even though we were (for the most part) degenerates.

    What will happen to Gallagher? Killian? Melissa? Brain? Andy? Ki? Jonah?

    I hear The Nines is still looking for Seabass and Abe Shorey replacements…

  2. I’m down. Let’s buy that shit and charge ridiculous amounts of money for drinks, the bar equivalent of 312 College Ave.

  3. Goldberg says:

    i think i paid more than the asking price there in jager shots over the four years.

  4. You cant charge rediculous price for drinks, that is why people go there.

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