Marc’s “college bar correspondent” position with brought him from breweries in Portland, Me. to dive bars in Long Beach, Calif. He sampled 140 ounce Molson pitchers in Montreal, mint juleps in New Orleans, $1 Rolling Rocks in Princeton and “Scooby snacks” in Vegas. It was a gig most journalists can only dream of — and one he enjoyed every minute of.

The Silver Dollar
College of Charleston
Not yet published

Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub

University of Southern Maine
February 2007

Have a Nice Day Café
Old Dominion University
December 2006

The Elbo Room
Florida Atlantic University
September 2006

Maggie Mae’s
University of Texas, Austin
July 2006

Libby’s Bar & Grill
University of New Hampshire, Durham
June 2006

Shannon’s Bayshore
California State University, Long Beach
May 2006

Emory University
April 2006

Santa Fe Café
University of Maryland, College Park
March 2006

Moose’s Beach House
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
February 2006

The Big House Brewery
State University of New York, Albany
August 2005

John Harvard’s Brew House
Harvard University
June 2005

The Ivy Inn
Princeton Unviersity
May 2005

The Tap Café
Trinity College
March 2005

The Biltmore Grill
University of Virginia
December 2004

The Peel Pub
McGill University
August 2004

Pat O’Briens
University of New Orleans/Tulane University
April 2004

Cornell University
February 2004

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