D.C. bars prep for Super Tuesday gatherings

Washington, D.C.


The turnout on Super Tuesday is expected to be large — and not just at polling places. As anticipation builds over how voters in 22 states will cast their presidential primary ballots, restaurants and bars in the nation’s capital are preparing to accommodate those who will be coming in to watch the results over patriotic potables.

The best places in the nation’s capital to watch the results — in today’s Express.

Metro riders get a no-pants Saturday surprise

Washington, D.C.

Metro has plenty of rules. Wearing pants, I’ve learned, is apparently not one of them. About a 100 pranksters dropped trou and hit the subway this weekend. It’s all detailed in my latest story for the Express. And no, this intrepid reporter did not participate.

You have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Photo by The Post’s Ricky Carioti

P Street is back in business

Washington, D.C.


Nearly one year after the work began, the massive reconstruction and refurbishing of P Street NW between Dupont Circle and 22nd Street is almost complete. But what has the impact been on local businesses — and was the whole project worth the costs?

My latest Express piece is out today.

Heating up as winter sets in

Washington, D.C.


As temperatures in the nation’s capital plummet, restaurants and bars are rolling out heat lamps and radiant heaters to keep patios and roofdecks toasty. Read more in my latest story for the Washington Post Express.

Photo by Michael Temchine for The Washington Post

Think you’re addicted to Starbucks?

Washington, D.C.

Starbucks Closings

Last year, while doing research for a People story on “obsessed fans,” I heard about a man named Winter. In 1997, he quit his job as a computer programmer and decided to try and visit every Starbucks in the world.

With ten years of crisscrossing the country and 6,959 domestic stores under his belt now, he’s 96.8% of the way there. (Winter has also visited 457 stores worldwide.) The problem is, Starbucks is opening stores faster than Winter can hit them up – so he stays on the road, sleeping in his car, fighting tirelessly to meet his goal of having a cup of Joe at every licensed, corporate-owned store.

Winter has come through DC a couple of times. After the jump, his candid thoughts on a few of the Bucks we’ve got here in the District. [Read more…]

Magic in the hood

Washington, D.C.

My apartment is across the street from the landmark Washington Hilton, better known as the Hinckley Hilton, after the assassination attempt of President Reagan that took place there in 1981. My parents have stayed there while in town and while it’s centrally located, the hotel can feel somewhat dated. The rooms are tiny, restaurants pretty mediocre and the whole experience a little blah – especially when compared with the boutique options springing up around Dupont Circle.

Now, news that Earvin “Magic” Johnson has joined forces with others to purchase the hotel for $290 million. And the joint venture has pledged to invest $100 million to upgrade the hotel. Expect updated rooms, renovations to the gym and pool areas, a new spa, construction of a coffee bar and possibly a new upscale restaurant.

No word on the regulation-sized basketball court.