Trendspotter of the Month

Teen People, Trendspotting
June/July 2001
by Marc B. Zawel

As a child, Adam Faldetta’s dreams were no different than those of most other kids growing up in the ‘80s. “I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle,” confesses the 16-year-old world champion martial artist and Sunrise, Fla., native. “I always used to get picked on a bit. Starting karate was a way to defend myself and pick up my confidence.”

Since age seven, Adam has worked hard to expand his inventory of martial-art forms. He mastered the kamas blade (a sickle style weapon), and his dedication earned him the North American Sport Karate Association’s World Weapons and Form Champion title two years in a row, among other accolades. Winning isn’t everything for the former Turtle-in-training, who holds no animosity towards his competitors. “What happens on the floor is business; afterward, we’re friends,” says Adam. We wouldn’t have it any other way

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