The New York Times – Letters

Each day, the Times receives around 1,000 letters to the editor — and prints an average of 15. (Editor Thomas Feyer explains the process.) Since he began writing in high school, Marc has had 11 letters published, on a wide variety of subjects, from teen drinking to summer camp.

Give Teenager Drinkers Other Choices
Westchester Weekly
February 27, 2005

Life in Camp, Without the Bullies
July 5, 2004

Prom Nigh, Safe and Sober
Westchester Weekly
June 20, 2004

Giving Teenagers Credit for Third World Service
Westchester Weekly
July 6, 2003

Diagnosis Senioritis; Treatment: Unclear
Westchester Weekly
June 15, 2003

Give Teenagers Choices Other Than Drinking
Westchester Weekly
January 12, 2003

The Summertime Escape of Sleep-Away Camp
Westchester Weekly
June 16, 2002

Cornell Freshman Tells of University’s Appeal
Westchester Weekly
April 15, 2001

Finding the Right College
October 5, 2000

Diversity, at a Price
March 4, 2000

An Ebay Report Card
September 16, 1999

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