An Ebay Report Card

The New York Times, Circuits
September 16, 1999

To the Editor:

My story is quite different from those described in “Betting the Farm of the Virtual Store” (Sept. 9). Beginning two years ago, in my sophomore year in high school, I started my own business selling celebrity autographs on Ebay. The business was so lucrative that I lost sight of what I should have been doing my sophomore year: hitting the books and concentrating on my studies.

But my escapades on Ebay taught me a valuable lesson: certain opportunities in life are tempting to undertake, but you must choose your undertakings wisely.

Because Ebay was consuming so much of my time, my grades dramatically declined. And now as I prepare college applications, nothing is so disappointing as my poor performance during my sophomore year.

I warn others my age that even though Ebay may be a tempting, lucrative option, you must keep your focus on a solid education. It’ll get you a whole lot further than a couple of bucks earned on Ebay will.

Purchase, N.Y., Sept. 11, 1999

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