Diagnosis Senioritis; Treatment: Unclear

The New York Times, Westchester Weekly
June 15, 2003

To the Editor:

While the symptoms of senioritis may be telling, its causes are not as clear (County Lines, May 25).

Graduating seniors certainly deserve to be cut some slack at the end of their trying high school careers. Senior year, with its additional pressures and deadlines, justifies a few weeks of student recovery leading up to graduation celebrations.

Let’s be honest here though. Tradition or not, senioritis is a detrimental approach to take to academics. Students worried or uncertain about their futures should not be spending the final weeks of spring at the beach.

Instead, would it not make more sense to stay focused in school before facing the rigors of college academics?

Senioritis doesn’t just strike high school seniors. Students can anticipate another wave of the epidemic after four years in college.

This time, again facing an uncertain future, students will relax from their work in anticipation of graduation, savoring some final memories before reality sets in.


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