Diversity, at a Price

The New York Times, Editorials/Letters
March 4, 2000

To the Editor:

As a recently rejected early-decision candidate of Wesleyan University, I was troubled by your article about college admissions at the school (front page, Feb. 27).

Just days before my notification, I received word from Wesleyan’s dean of admissions that my application was very strong and that I had a very good chance of gaining admission. The rejection letter I opened two days later was shocking.

According to Wesleyan’s admissions guidelines, the single most important factor in considering applicants is the high school academic record. How can Wesleyan be justified in admitting weaker academic students only because of their minority status or because admissions officers can relate to an applicant’s case?

While I understand that Wesleyan is intent on maintaining its status as “diversity university,” I wonder: At what cost?

Purchase, N.Y., Feb. 29, 2000

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