Finding the Right College

The New York Times, Circuits
October 5, 2000

To the Editor:

As a recent high school graduate, I know of the difficulties facing this year’s high school seniors as they begin the tedious college admissions process (“The College Search Game, Spam Included,” Sept. 28).

Commercial college Web sites played a small role in my admissions process. They helped me create a small an initial list of schools I may be interested in and also provided some statistical information. However, this is about as helpful as they could be.

Firsthand feedback, whether through a visit to campus, a discussion with a current student, or a meeting with an admissions officer is by far the most valuable resource in choosing a right school. Until commercial college Web sites begin providing more important information to assist students in making decisions, and less redundant facts, I would advise the college-bound not to waste time on them.

Purchase, N.Y.

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