A peak inside

They are the nation’s eight oldest, wealthiest, most respected, mysterious and competitive college and universities. Last year, their acceptance rates ranged from 8.6 to 20.5 percent. They are the schools of the Ivy League. And all of their secrets are now revealed in a new book from College Prowler — available today.

Untangling the Ivy League is the first book of its kind, covering every imaginable aspect — from admissions to secret societies — at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton & Yale.

From the publisher:

Nobody has ever done a book the Ivy League like this before. We were tired of reading college guides based on one expert’s perspective, or from the viewpoint of a major publishing house. So we set out to create a book on the Ivy League written by its students and alumni. We figured they would know more from experience — plus they’re probaby a whole lot smarter.

This is why every section in this guide, every expert opinion and every major insight is from the people who know best. The section on Harvard is written by a Harvard student; admissions advice comes from a Yale admissions officer; and important issues such as affirmative action and legacy admission policy receive attention from no less than an Ivy League university president and Supreme Court justice.

ISBN: 1-59658-500-5
565 pages
September 2005
Retail: $24.95

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