I’m back!

Washington, D.C.


So, it’s been a while. For the last couple of months, I’ve been looking for someone to redesign this site — improving its navigation, integrating a blog and just giving it a general face lift. Frustrated last week that I’d not yet been able to find a taker, I decided to take on the project myself. Welcome to the new & improved, third version of marczawel.com.

Everything from my old site is here: the freelance listings, reviews of my book and all that jazz. But I’ve also incorporated some new features and personalization. As for the blog, it’s something I’ll update (hopefully) on a semi-frequent basis, with thoughts on life in the District. So, be sure to check back often, and, in the meantime, took a look around and let me know what you think.



  1. Hey Marc, v3.0 looks tremendous. I love the new banner, nicely done!

  2. You deserve a raise for this lovely redesign. Remind me to get a check in the mail.

  3. long time buddy. site looks good, glad to see you reminisce fondly about your time served in orlando. good talk, see you out there

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