In pursuit of the $21 hotdog

Washington, D.C.

When it comes to late night eats in Adams Morgan, I’ve been a fan of M’Dawg Haute Dogs on 18th Street since it opened a couple of months ago. Sure, it’s a part of the “Starbucking” of the hot dog and its prices can give you sticker shock, but the gourmet toppings bar is sick and the delicious spicy cheese & chili is self-serve. Plus, I’m soon going to get one of their infamous $20 (plus $1 for toppings) Kobe beef dogs — “the Bentley of Dawgs” — for free!

Wait, how you ask?

Simple, I’ve been using one of M’Dwag’s frequent buyer Kibble Cards (“Collect 8 GET 1 FREE”). After dragging many friends and co-workers there, I’m finally eligible for my free dog — and, thankfully, the Kibble Card doesn’t list any restrictions. So, next time I’m feeling a hot dog, I’ll head over to 18th, order my Kobe beef, load it up with some delicious toppings, like their harissa remoulade, and then hand over my card to pay.

We’ll see what they say.


  1. I’m going to get one this weekend.

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