Crabs at Cantler’s

Annapolis, M.D.


Finally got a chance to head out to Cantler’s this weekend for their notorious crabs. It’s something I’ve been dreaming of doing since first moving to D.C. almost 2 years ago. We got crab cake sandwiches, onion rings and iced teas at Cantler’s, walked around the historic downtown and sat on the wharf eating ice cream from Storm Bros. A great day.

We also attempted the “Dine & Dip” at the Omni Hotel on Sunday in Woodley Park. The brunch was pretty good but by the time we had finished, our waitress informed us that with 175 other parched folks already at the pool, the “dip” had sold-out.

We got a rain check for this week and will be back on the 4th.


  1. Did you know that even your little neice Sheli has tasted the crabs at Cantler’s. Yeah, we ate their quite a few years ago with Leigh when he lived in Maryland while he was at Johns Hopkins! It was a dining experience we won’t forget anytime soon. Sheli was about 3 years old, we went their for lunch and since she had never even seen a crab we firgured we would order her the kiddie lunch (hotdogs if I recall correctly), she didn’t touch the hotdogs but loved the crabs….Go figure! Anyway, we still have t-shirts from there and always have wanted to go back!

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