What’s new at Rev Health

Washington, D.C.


Recently, I’ve been busy working on some new and exciting features for the Weight management center at Revolution Health.

The first, Project PACT (Parents and Children Together), is a straight-forward and realistic four-step plan meant to help parents combat childhood obesity. We continue to hear that it’s a growing problem, but did you know that researchers predict nearly half the children in North America will be overweight by 2010? Project PACT is intended to act as a resource in the fight against this.

We’ve also recently launched Obesity in America, an interactive map that shows how the nation’s waistline has expanded since 1990. In that year, 11.6% of the country was obese – last year, that percent had more than doubled to 25.1%. You can also watch the spread and also see which states are the fittest … and fattest.

Anyway, let me know what you all think of these. Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting semi-regularly here again soon.

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