Everything should taste like bacon

Washington, D.C.


One of the first cookbooks ever in my collection was a real gem: Everything Tastes Better with Bacon. It showcases 70 recipes on incorporating the delicious, artery-clogging fifth food group into every meal. But as much as I love bacon, working in Weight Management has also made me more attuned to its health effects: basically, sodium, nitrites and calories are not so good for you.

Now, I’ve got a post up at Revolution Health with the answer: Bacon Salt. It’s a zero calorie, zero fat, zero carb, vegetarian and Kosher seasoning that makes everything taste, like, bacon awesomeness. Available in three flavors, Original, Peppered and Hickory, this stuff has found a prominent place on my spice rack — and is already being sprinkled on eggs, burgers and anything else that needs a little bacon love.

What doesn’t?

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