The winds of Korcula

Day 19
Korcula, Croatia

We arrived here after a 3-hour bus and 20-minute ride aboard the Sveti Krsevan Rijeka ferry. Our accommodation for the next two nights is at Apartments Depolo, in the residential neighborhood close to the Old Town of Sveti Nikola. It’s a really nice place (Japan’s ambassador to Croatia is in the room next door), and, as in Dubrovnik, the patio offers some great sunset views.

Our initial impression of Korcula: it’s windy. In fact, this town’s streets were cleverly designed — those that run west are straight in order to open the city to the maestral (a strong, refreshing wind) while those that run east are partly curved to minimize the force of the bura (a cold wind from the northeast).

Earlier today, we visited two last sights in Dubrovnik. Our first stop was the city’s 15th century synagogue, which is the oldest Sephardic and second-oldest synagogue in all of Europe.

Afterwards, we walked to the top of the Lovrjernac Fort, which protected the western end of the city and offered some last views of the walls.

We’re off to get dinner at a local restaurant that specializes in Croatian food. Tomorrow, we rent a car to explore the island of Korcula.


  1. You’re renting a car tomorrow? Make sure Burto guzzles some scotch first! Post some more pictures with PEOPLE in them (not just scenery). Thanks for giving me something to distract me while at work!

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