Benefiting from an airline strike, part two

Day 36
Santorini, Greece

The Greeks like striking more than they like feta cheese.

Earlier this week, an Olympic Airlines strike led to the cancellation of our flight from Athens to Mykonos. Today, an Aegean Airlines strike left me stranded on this island — preventing me from making my 2:30 p.m. flight from Athens to Cairo. Stranded might not be the right word here though. There are certainly worse things in the world than needing to spend an additional day on beautiful Santorini.

I’ve been lucky that for every strike (and there have been several), there has been a gracious and understanding hotel that can accommodate me. After learning about the flight, Enigma offered not only to put me up for the night, but also to upgrade me to their jacuzzi suite. The duplex apartment is about 50 steps higher than our last place and features an inviting tub just outside the entrance.

The best news of all? Since this is considered a “travel interruption,” my trip insurance is picking up the day’s tab. I’ll take that.

My second attempt at flying to Cairo via Athens (hopefully) leaves tomorrow at 12 noon.

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