Live from Thailand!

Day 53
Bangkok, Thailand

After over a week’s delay in daily updates due to Internet restrictions in China, it was welcome to arrive in a country this morning with unfettered access to information. You can now catch up on my travels in China and Dubai.

From Shanghai’s sparkling new Terminal 2, we boarded Thai Airways flight 663 for our 4-hour southwestern journey at about a quarter to eight. After being greeted by wai’ing flight attendants, served an interesting breakfast (sweet and sour pork, rice and two cups of coffee) and then digesting an entire issue of Newsweek (much needed after 10 days in a Chinese media silo) wheels were down in BKK at 11:50 a.m.


A metered taxi brought me to the Trang Hotel in the midst of Bangkok’s concrete jungle. My driver didn’t even try to rip me off. A first!

I’ve got a couple of hours before the orientation for my next G.A.P Adventures trip: “Roam Malaysia.”

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