Exploring the Andaman

Day 56
Ao Nang, Thailand

The sun was up early this morning and so were we. We’ve only got one day here so decided that chartering a speedboat would be our best way of exploring the secluded beaches, islands and marine life of the famed Andaman Sea.

With everyone piled aboard, we took off for our first stop, Bamboo Island, which had fantastic white sand beaches and clear waters. We were off to a good start!

After an hour, we got back on the boat and, after passing the Viking Cave, where bird’s nest are collected for the soup delicacy, we arrived at Pi Leh Lagoon. With limestone jutting from the calm sea, it was breathtaking, and the shallow waters made for some good snorkeling (highlight: a parrot fish stupidly attempting to eat a jelly fish — idiot!).

A short ride brought us Maya Bay, another gorgeous spot where “The Beach” was filmed. We asked Leo about Giselle, took a dip and took off.

After lunch at Hippies beachside restaurant on Tonsai Bay, on the island of Phi Phi that is still rebuilding from the tsunami, we stopped at Monkey Beach. We fed the island’s only inhabitants a couple of bananas.

On our way back, we anchored at Hin Klarng for open-sea snorkeling. There were some of the biggest schools of fish there that I’ve ever seen. With a little bit of bread, we were all about attacked — look at all of them!

We got back to the hotel, showered and changed up. Coincidentally, two of my buddies from back home, Derek and Andy, are also here in Ao Nang tonight, so we’re getting together for dinner and some drinks. It’ll be good to see some familiar faces after so long.

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