Waiting for Singapore

Day 64
Melaka, Malaysia

It’s a shame that our trip through this country ended in such an unimpressive place. I’ve found Malaysia a fascinating country — it’s unlike anywhere in the world that I’ve ever visited — and the diversity of its people has been matched only by that of our many destinations, from the cool Highlands to the cosmopolitan KL. And while Melaka certainly is an historic place, we’ve generally been disappointed here: the sights, lackluster museums and oppressive heat have not made this anyone’s favorite spot. Needless to say, for the first time, we’re all actually looking forward to a bus ride tomorrow morning.

We had a late start to the day, and after a coffee at Starbucks (perhaps Melaka’s saving grace), we learned that two of our travel companions left early this morning for Singapore — guess being here was just too much for them! While we debated joining the club, it didn’t seem worth the hassle, and everyone went their separate ways. Shopping and the spa were top destinations for the ladies, as was a visit to Afamosa, a water park almost an hour outside of town.

None of this sounded terribly appealing to me. But the Equatorial had a beautiful and empty outdoor pool on its 4th floor. Nobody gave me a second look after settling into a comfortable lounge chair, breaking out my book and relaxing away the afternoon.

Tonight, we might visit the night market in Chinatown before grabbing some dinner and packing. But most of our minds are already set on Singapore, where we’ll be heading tomorrow morning.


  1. Okay important question– has the change in Starbucks branding made its way to internationl Starbucks stores?

    Clearly I have no life and the switch to the brown motif was earth shattering to my morning routine:)
    Hope all is well and welcome home in a few weeks!

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