The story of Hansel & Gretel

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

One of my favorite activities back in D.C. was visiting the United States Botanic Garden. On more than one occasion, that steamy greenhouse provided a welcome respite from a chilly winter’s day — and, strolling among the tropical, lush plants, a temporary illusion of being somewhere far south of the nation’s capital. Now, I’m living about 4-hours south in Chapel Hill, where one doesn’t need a greenhouse to escape the cold. Because winters here are nonexistent.

To prepare for my trip to Patagonia next week, and also try out my new hardcore Lowa Boots, we visited the North Carolina Botanical Garden this afternoon. It’s not nearly as intense as its counterpart in D.C. but offered a bunch of nice paths to meander on in search of the first signs of spring. We hopped across streams, spotted an elusive Chickadee and enjoyed a typical 65 degree mid-February day here in Carolina. Completely normal.





And somehow managed to look like complete Rock Stars while doing it all.



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