Tarheels take the title

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

You can be sure that my undergrad experience at Cornell never saw something like last night.

We headed up to the Library on Franklin Street at around 6 p.m. With a solid three hours to burn before tip-off, we played some iPhone battleship and drank Bud Lights. The bar exploded when the Heels took to the court and then remained in a general state of euphoria as Carolina opened up a 20 point lead and proceeded to steamroll Michigan State.

As the clock wound down and the buzzer sounded, an estimated 30,000 fans streamed onto Franklin Street from all directions. With helicopters roaring overhead, jubilant (and stupid) students climbed telephone poles, trees, and buildings. There were dozens of bonfires — which we later learned that the fire department had attempted to preempt by dousing the streets with water. Fireworks exploded, chants of “TAR HEELS” filled the air and plumes of smoke rose to the sky as we celebrated our school’s fifth national title.

If one moment ends up defining my experience at UNC, this might very well be it.


  1. whatever, i jump over bonfires and climb telephone polls every day!

  2. Wow!

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