Vote to send me to Hawaii! (Please)

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Richie Goldman, a former executive at Men’s Wearhouse and the marketing guru behind the “You’ll love the way you look – I guarantee it” tag line has recently published Luck by Design. The book talks about the balance between external ambition and internal fulfillment.

As part of the promotion, Goldman has launched the “Blue Skies” contest — which seeks to identify the best user photo showing a meditative and peaceful spot. I’ve submitted a shot from my recent trip to Patagonia; it was taken at Laguna Azul in Torres Del Paine National Park, a desolate and quiet place that practically begs for contemplative thought.


The individual whose photo receives the most comments will win an all-expense paid trip anywhere in the U.S. Which means that I’d be off to Hawaii!

Please leave a comment for me on Richie’s blog before May 1. (The comment won’t show up immediately but rest assured, it has been received and will be online soon.)


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