There are other tourists in Mozambique!

Magaruque Island, Mozambique

After 48 hours of not coming across a single other tourist in the Bazaruto, you could imagine my surprise upon seeing several other dhows moored at the island of Magaruque this morning. Others knew of this tropical paradise? Gasp!


This was the most popular day-trip destination, Dumas, my guide explained, as Magaruque is the island closest to Vilanculos. Magaruque was small but gave everyone visiting plenty of room to swim, snorkel and walk its quiet shores.



Much of my time though was spent snoozing away in the sun while my crew did the same.


Manuel cooked up a wicked good lunch, a calamari pasta and crab salad. It was a fitting final meal on the boat.


A little after 2 p.m., we set sail for the return to Vilanculos, arriving about 90 minutes later. We unloaded the boat and said goodbye. Back at the office, SailAway’s owner, David, asked me how the trip was. “Amazing,” I said. “The crew treated me like I was the only one there.” He laughed.

Back at Pescador Guesthouse, a big surprise — another guest had arrived, a solo traveler from London. At dinner, we shared a glance. Like we had both managed to stumble upon a tropical paradise that few had yet to discover.

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