Sticky sticky buns at Flour

Boston, Massachusetts

On his Food Network show, Throwdown!, Bobby Flay has hunted down and challenged the country’s best pad thai, chocolate chip cookies and hot dogs — and I’ve tried my best to loyally follow in his footsteps. The noodles at Thai Basil were delicious. Ditto for Levain Bakery’s cookies. A couple years back, we sampled the masterpiece hot dogs at Pink’s, which were overflowing with toppings and caused near immediate heart burn.

After Bobby challenged Joanne Chang’s “sticky sticky buns,” we knew a visit to Flour was necessary on our next visit to Boston. Charlotte had her chance a couple of months back, offering mixed feelings (“Mine are better,” she said bluntly). Still, it couldn’t deter me this morning as we were met with a line snaking out the door of this bakery’s South End location.



Approaching the register, we scanned the counter for the prized buns — which were nowhere to be found. Throughout the day, Flour varies its delectable, freshly-baked pastries for sale.



We soon realized that Joanne had clearly not been preparing for our visit; indeed, the next round of buns wouldn’t be ready until 12:30 p.m. Glancing at the clock which had just struck 10 a.m., we cut our loses and pulled an audible.

The sandwich board announced the bakery’s daily special: a toasted brioche sandwich with sliced banana and homemade Nutella. It would prove a worthy substitute.


Freshly baked bread overflowing with crunchy hazlenuts, gooey Nutella and chewy bananas. Washed down with an iced coffee, it was hard to ask for much more.

Plus, Charlotte’s sticky buns are better.

Watch out, Bobby.


  1. 1) You started a new tag called mass, I could not be happier.
    2) My buns are def better but that nutella sammy was amaze!

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