A walk on the High Line

New York, New York

I’m always fascinated by how innovative designers and planners are able to redevelop aging buildings and urban structures into livable spaces. For example, rundown warehouses smartly converted into modern lofts. Perhaps the most recent and well-publicized development — at least in the Big Apple — has been the High Line, which opened a few months ago.

A former elevated freight railroad on the West Side built in the 1930s, the 1.5 mile section of tracks stood abandoned and unused for years. Then, in 2004, with $50 million of government support, the High Line was reclaimed. For five years, tracks were removed, pebble-dash concrete walkways were built and native trees, grasses and shrubs were planted. And then in June, the first section was revealed.




Benches with views of the Hudson River and the urban landscape have been installed. And Andre Balazs straddled the chic Standard Hotel over the High Line at West 14th Street.



Suddenly, a space neglected for years was transformed into a hub of outdoor activity.

Only in New York.


  1. Good pictures!

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