Pottery and pools

Lagos, Portugal

The day started off overcast, no rain thankfully, just lots of clouds as we set off in the Opel for the cliffs of Cabo de São Vicente. Along the way, a mosaic of plates on a building bordering the road caught our eye.


We pulled over and stepped into a massive warehouse filled to the brim with pottery of all shapes, sizes and colors. Overwhelmed, we wandered the aisles before finding a few souvenirs and gifts to take home.

Our next stop was Cabo de São Vicente, a quaint seaside town built into the hillside that is officially the southwesternmost point in Portugal. We spent an hour walking around but with the wind picking up, decided to cut our time short and get back on the road.



It was another 45-drive to Lagos, a rapidly developing beach city, and home to our hotel, the Villa Gale Lagos. This was a sprawling hotel, with the requisite weird and trendy lobby that characterizes many of the places we decide to stay.



Outside was a massive pool. We’re talking three or four interconnected pools and perhaps 200 chaise lounges. Thankfully, the place was practically deserted so we settled in.



We grabbed a late lunch at a British pub a short walk down the beach – it was so good that we tried to return for dinner. Unfortunately, it was closed, and the seafood joint our hotel recommended didn’t look great (we were seated, looked at the menu and promptly walked out).

We ended at a local Italian place in town. Super casual and not particularly tasty. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

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