D.C. bars prep for Super Tuesday gatherings

Washington, D.C.


The turnout on Super Tuesday is expected to be large — and not just at polling places. As anticipation builds over how voters in 22 states will cast their presidential primary ballots, restaurants and bars in the nation’s capital are preparing to accommodate those who will be coming in to watch the results over patriotic potables.

The best places in the nation’s capital to watch the results — in today’s Express.

Metro riders get a no-pants Saturday surprise

Washington, D.C.

Metro has plenty of rules. Wearing pants, I’ve learned, is apparently not one of them. About a 100 pranksters dropped trou and hit the subway this weekend. It’s all detailed in my latest story for the Express. And no, this intrepid reporter did not participate.

You have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Photo by The Post’s Ricky Carioti

Why isn’t there a Metro stop in Georgetown?

Washington, D.C.

Seriously, why isn’t there?

You’ve probably heard the rumor that residents objected to the construction of a stop there out of fear that it would lead to an influx of riff-raff and other “undesirables.” But, according to Prof. Zachary Schrag, an assistant professor at George Mason, that’s not the underlying reason. Instead, he says that a Georgetown metro stop would cost too much (due to preservation efforts and proximity to the Potomac) and provide only limited benefits (Georgetown is not a big employment center and the commute from Virginia would be slowed with a stop there).

Interestingly enough, also according to Inside the DC Bubble, “the only station killed by local opposition was the Oklahoma Ave. station in Northeast. The largely African-American neighborhood wanted to remain quiet. The residents convinced the powers that be that the station was a bad idea.”