Three Sheets, a dream job

Washington, D.C.


One of my favorite shows on television might be one you’ve never heard of.

Three Sheets, on the 100% hi-def-channel MOJO, features comedian Zane Lamprey. This guy essentially travels around the world, sampling regional beers and booze and the unique local customs that surround the drinking culture in different countries. Now rounding out its second season, Zane has traveled through Europe, Asia, South America, Caribbean and the U.S. Some of his greatest moments have come at Oktoberfest in Germany and while visiting Champagne, France although I’m also pretty excited for his upcoming Season 3 episode in Mendoza, Argentina. Can you believe he gets paid to do this?

Three Sheets is on tonight at 9 p.m. For those in the DC-area, MOJO is channel 226.