Sliding into the Costa del Sol

Day 11
Malaga, Spain

Our overnight Acciona Trasmediterranea ferry from Melilla was actually quite comfortable. We had a cabin, and perhaps more importantly, a bathroom with shower, so we were able to wash up before disembarking here at around 8 a.m. We bid farewell to the boat and took a taxi to Silken Puerta Malaga, our hotel base for the next two nights.

Malaga is Andalusia’s second largest city, and with its high-rise buildings and active port, doesn’t offer the best first impression. Many use it as an access point to the Costa del Sol, which is unfortunate, considering how much it has to offer.

We started the day by visiting the old town’s cathedral. Construction began on it in 1528 but was interrupted by an earth quake in 1680; in 1765, funding ran out and the half-built second tower was abandoned, thus the cathedral’s nickname: La Manquita (the one-armed one).

Afterwards, we visited the Museo Picasso Malaga (Picasso was born in Malaga) and then trekked to the top of the Alcazaba, a fortification built high on a hill between the 8th and 11th centuries. From up above, it offered some great panoramic views of the port, bullring and surrounding city.

We’re still recovering from our week in Morocco and adjusting to the time difference (we’re now 6 hours ahead). Still, tonight after some bocadillos (small sandwiches), we headed to the B Lounge at the Barcelo Malaga Hotel and took a ride down the slide (yes, slide) that connects the first and second floors.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the picturesque town of Ronda, accessible only by bridge and home to Spain’s oldest bullfighting ring.


  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Guys — Marc, Charlotte introduced me to your blog. So fun. Have a blast in Ronda. The bullring so cool and there is a beautiful bridge that separates the old and new quarters. Gorgeous drive through the hills too!

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