El puente to Ronda

Day 12
Ronda, Spain

Perched atop a limestone cleft sits this small town about 100 kilometers north west of Malaga. We took a bus here this morning and soon learned why Ronda was one of the last Moorish bastions in southern Spain (it fell to the Christians in 1485). Its mountainous location 700 meters above sea levels affords it a fantastic vantage point to the surrounding valleys below.

Still, it has retained its Moorish influences and charm, with cobblestone alleys, whitewashed buildings and window grilles.

Ronda’s most defining feature is the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), which spans the Tajo Gorge. It was considered a tremendous feat of civil engineering when completed in 1793.

After returning to Malaga, we hit up El Corte Ingles, possibly the best department store in the world, before finishing the night with some tapas. Our flight to Barcelona leaves tomorrow morning.


  1. Rachel Shain says:

    Loving your blog! Have so much fun in Barcelona. I actually just came back from there on Sunday and had such an amazing time!

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